Calgary Engagement Photography | Darren + Sarah

Darren and Sarah are just a way cool couple to hang out with. First off, their dog Zoey is sooooooooooooooooo Cute and literally the whole e-session Darren was cracking jokes and making funny faces resulting in a whole lot of laughter.

Funny story behind the last image, Ted says to both of them “Touch your noses” (As in put your noses together, well you know what i mean!) and then.. they literally touched their noses. LOL!!!!

It was a perfectly beautiful day to shoot with such an easy breezy beautiful couple. Thanks guys for letting us shoot your engagement session, Congrats on being married and we hope you like the images. 🙂

  • Sarah & Darren Ward said:

    Ted, we are absolutely THRILLED with our photos and how they turned out! It was so much fun to work with both you and your cute fiance Aisa (sp?) in Bridgeland. You made us both feel so comfortable and even welcomed our fur baby into the pictures! It will be great looking back at these photos in 50 years and remembering fun times like this when we were young, and relatively wrinkle free - (thanks for editing those out!) :)
    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your photography services to anyone for any type of event, be it engagement, wedding, family or babies! Thanks again for the beautiful memories!!
    Love Sarah and Darren