Calgary Engagement Photography | Sean + Kindra

Sean and Kindra were kind enough to let us take their engagement photos. Since they are getting married in Halifax, they wanted engagement pictures with Calgary landmarks. Canada’s East meets West, a little bit of Calgary to bring with them to their wedding in Halifax. It started on a Sunday morning where we took a stroll down Calgary’s popular Stephen Avenue Walk and then hung around the back alleys like normal people usually do(jk). Then Sean suggested Oak Room at the Fairmont Hotel for a bite to eat. We never went to the Oak Room before so it was a nice surprise! The food was quite good and that atmosphere was really intimate. Sean told us that when he was showing Kindra around Calgary that he took her to the Oak Room for lunch as well but too bad Kindra didn’t remember that LOL. After having a nice conversation over lunch at the Oak room, we took a few atmospheric shots and then walked up to Prince’s Island Park. The sun was starting to set and the weather started to get really nice while we were in Prince’s island. Then we had to climb the gruesome stairs where Aisa huffed and puffed but it was worth it because…. At the top we were treated to a nice view of the city landscape which was the perfect backdrop to end with.

Sean and Kindra, thanks so much for spending the day with us in revisiting Calgary’s downtown landmarks. Sometimes you live here for so long and take for granted how unique and beautiful Calgary really is. There is a lot of fun to be had exploring downtown Calgary on a Sunday. Highly recommended even if you’ve lived here your whole life! Enjoy the pictures as well.